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The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently sent me to a field next to the grandousely named Gunshaw Hall in deep dark Norfolk.

Photo Editor Angela Owens’s brief introductory message read, “It’s a bit of a funny story - shepherds have started using Lynx spray deodorant to keep their rams from fighting...”.

Completely standard then. I accepted the assignment.

Upon arrival, Shepherdess Sam Bryce couldn’t have made me more welcome. After a long career as a police officer, Sam’s retirement has been transformed by her deep love and connection with the animals she cares for. From peacocks, ducks, goats, horses, dogs, cats and of course sheep, Sam’s sanctuary is a haven for the local area’s animal misfits. 

Each sheep has a name, a distinct personality and all are clearly Sam-Fans. Sure, Sam brings food and shelter but there was something more going on in that small field - a clearly visible deep bond and trust between Sam and animals in her care. Certainly an Ace Ventura vibe being emitted. So much so, the more I was present, the more I started to see the strong personalities and started calling individual sheep by their names too!

After ensuring I had fulfilled the brief with a wide range of shots for Angela, I decided that Sam and I could have a little fun to reflect the woollen parade by setting up a little fashion catwalk to highlight the wonderful range of colour, texture and sizes of the sheep. Luckily Sam was up for it too.

Near chaos ensued with sheep being bribed off camera with snacks, sheep basking under strobe lighting and generally doing the polar opposite to any of our distractions, directions, whistles and instructions. Just hilarous.

You can read the article by Saabira Chaudhuri

You can see more of the published shots in the slideshow that closes this Journal entry.  

Thank you again to Angela Owens for the call