Musical Futures

Working closely with the core team at Musical Futures since 2006 and now proudly an MF Associate, I have captured all of Musical Futures principle photographic narratives for media reproduction, from online usage to high quality printed reproduction. I balance documentary with more formal portraiture to ensure the most naturalistic classroom environment.

Producing photographic ideas and direction has successfully led to a journeying throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland faithfully chronicling music teachers in their departments. One such odyssey resulted in a portrait series being published into a book called ‘We Teach Music’.

Working with Musical Futures since its trailblazing early days, I’ve developed a deep understanding of Musical Futures’ many strengths in music education and have witnessed insightful and positive change within schools’ support for their music departments. This recent work was shot on a Phase One IQ250 and Profoto lighting & modifiers.

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