Returning Dragon

‘8’ is a contemporary dance project from visionary choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård (founder of the award winning Frikar dance company of Norway). We ventured out to Central China and embarked on what would turn out to be an 18 month, multi-trip creative process.

After extensive research, Hallgrim discovered one of the very last non-commercial Wushu kung-fu temples operating in China; where taoism, life and martial art disciplines flow as one. '8' marries the Halling dance folk traditions of Norway with that of Wushu kung-fu (regarded as the oldest form of martial arts) and was developed without spoken word. Non verbal communication was crucial from the genesis stage and the project’s development, as neither country knew the other's language. 

The training area is the disused 9th century Returning Dragon Temple. Set deep into the terraced slopes of UNESCO protected Wudang mountain, the Temple overlooks the tiny farming hamlet of Huilongguan directly below. A very special and peaceful place. Series was shot on a Canon 5D2 and available light. 

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