The [Mi.Mu] Gloves Are On

Winter Of '82 aka Kris Halpin is a musician pioneering the use of the latest in cutting-edge wearable technology designed for the performance and composition of music: Mi.Mu Gloves

Kris has cerebral palsy, which over the past few years has began to restrict his ability to play guitar and piano, to the extent that he has had to drop songs from his set, however in joint collaboration with Drake Music, worldwide leaders in fusing music, disability with technology and the Mi.Mu posse - Kris is able to continue on his musical journey. 

I photographed Kris on the Royal Festival Hall's grand stage, a place Kris's musical focus easily consumes 👊

I first worked with Kris at an infamous 12 hour Drake Music Hackathon, one specially arranged as part of the hugely successful Web We Want festival in the Southbank Centre in summer 2015.

Hiding within the national Drake Music network is the DM Lab, which hosts a radical, free thinking 'skunk works' of technologists passionate about seeking new ways of utilising readily available software, regular low cost hardware (with an in-depth knowledge of source and machine code) to make music creation available to all. Kris is a Drake Music Associate and gives valuable input to the DM Lab team, especially with their assistive instrument design programme. You can read more DM Lab's extraordinary work in my previous journal entry called 'Algorithmic Complexities Meet Creative Arts'.

As one of the world's first users of Mi.Mu gloves, Kris has been showcasing their abilities alongside musician and multi instrumentalist Imogen Heap, who invented the gloves' concept, is a founding member of the Mi.Mu team and has proved key to the gloves' success and worldwide recognition.

Funded by the PRS Foundation & the Arts Council and produced by Attitude is Everything as part of Independent Venue Week Kris is currently on tour with his gloves and will play a duet with Imogen (yikes, yes 2 pairs of Mi.Mu gloves...they are just showing off) in Putney's Half Moon on Sunday 31st January.