#whereisemile / Week 3 / Finish

Start to finish: 2,156 miles driven and 218 by air. Yep, my 20 location, 20 portrait tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland came to a close late last week.  

I've been lucky to travel the UK pretty comprehensively over the years but to focus on a different region day to day is something special. Cliched for sure, but the variety this Isle offers really is truly world class.

In keeping with my Week 1 & Week 2 shout outs, I'm shouting out to the last 6 teachers in this series. In chronological order of visit: 

1) Nathalie van der Weide / @nathalieweide at Harris Academy in Purley. A teacher who has struck fame before whilst growing up in her native Netherlands. Yep, often the face of Nederlandse Spoorwegen the Dutch State railway, her father was their chief photographer! Up to date; we struck the right pose within the Harris Federation...

2) Jason Kubilius / @jksfhs at Forest Hill School. A long term supporter of Musical Futures, Jason and his team preside over a vibrant music department in South London. A music department where students simply want to hang out in :-) 

3) Kitt Garner / @Kitt1066  at Saffron Walden County High School. Fresh into SWCHS this autumn term, Kitt is very lucky to have probably the most enviable school performance space at his disposal. Nothing short of grand, opulent and designed to make most London orchestras go green with envy, the hall will be formally opened in November. Another ballsy set-up like Emily's grand escapade, the range and reliability of Profoto & Pocket Wizard never cease to amaze me. 

4) Steve Jackman / @sjeeves at William Ellis School in Camden. Aside from trying to recreate a scene from Breaking Bad (lamely, I hasten to add) the vibe Steve generates within a Victorian rabbit's warren of multi level classrooms is very cool indeed. Trivia alert - #whereisemile pic of the day was shot by Steve's work colleague Horace, who used to tour manage Soul II Soul; a proper London comprehensive! 

5) Dominique Jones / Senior Lecturer in PGCE Secondary Music at Middlesex University in Hendon. Beautifully tying in all aspects of Musical Futures' continued success, my trip back onto a university campus to photograph Dom, presented a delightful sun drenched restored 1930s courtyard. However, I still think we two should have jumped the security fence to shoot at Dom's previous office location in a Victorian orangery in Trent Park :-)

6) Danny Fisher / Simon Balle School in Hertford. Once Danny and I had worked the ridiculously über teutonic portrait session, we decided to star in an episode of Miami Vice to celebrate my car's Road Trip! Road Trip! journey end. Basked in late afternoon sundown - be it without pink flamingos, art deco bars or semi naked Latino women...

End Credits:

I couldn't have put together this portrait series without generous assistance and input from the following people and organisations:

Abigail D’Amore / @abigaildamore / Musical Futures Project Leader. Working with Abi is an absolute pleasure. Insanely well organised and working at the helm of Musical Futures for nearly a decade, Abi's attention to detail is legendary. 

Anna Gower / @tallgirlwgc / Musical Futures National Coordinator (South) and, for those in the know, the doyen of Musical Futures' ever expanding social media outlets. I can officially confirm that Anna's Twitter response time is a whisker faster than Twitter's own servers, FACT. 

Paul Hamlyn Foundation / for 25 years, one of the UK's largest grant making foundations, PHF have passionately supported Musical Futures' development. A special thank you to Denise Barrows / PHF Head of Learning and Education.

All Photos / a true independent photographic suppliers in Worthing. A fresh 120 Portra film pit stop. Extraordinary amount of photographic & darkroom curiosities jammed into the premises and full of all film formats nicely cold stored! 

Hertford Cameras / another independent photography shop. Just before leaving to photograph Dom Jones, my trusty mechanical cable release broke. I dived into Hertford Cameras and out came a Quality Street tin rammed full of used cable releases. £3 later, I was on the road again!

The pupils in each one of the schools I visited who captured all the #whereisemile Tweet pics of the day! 

Radio 4 / as ever, top quality programming for long days on the road.  

The numerous, unprocessed, pirate radio stations I tuned into around Greater Manchester, Glasgow, London, West Midlands and Merseyside. A true representation & barometer of our nation's diversity!

Finally, please follow @emileholba and @musicalfutures to ensure you're the first to learn about this series' progress and planned publication.