Learning Away

I'm proud to be involved with another fantastic Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education & Learning Special Initiative - Learning Away.

Learning Away is a £2.25m Special Initiative that aims to support schools in significantly enhancing young people's learning, achievement and well-being by using innovative residential experiences as an integral part of the curriculum.

During the last 3 years, I have been commissioned to photograph the key stages of the initiative's early growth and now rapidly maturing network of participating schools. Working with pupils from both primary & secondary education from a range of largely urban based schools, the huge variety of residential locations has had a profound effect on individual pupils' outlook and understanding of environments outside of their own, familiar neighborhoods.

In collaboration with the talented new media, web design & marketing team at Public Life, Learning Away has launched a new content rich website. Featuring my photography and stills photography combined with video production by Neil Bakar Patterson at Fig Tree Film, the new website features a wealth of valuable resource for the education community and policy leaders alike.

One of 2013's week long residentials was based within the formal grounds of the world famous Hampton Court Palace during one the UK's warmest heatwaves in 100 years. Brief highlights of the drama, history and sports lessons are featured here. A maths lesson within Hampton Court Palace's Clock Court under the gaze of its beautiful Astronomical Clock - what's not to like?

Click any of the 4 screen grabs below and you're through to the Learning Away website. Click each individual Vimeo links that and you'll view first person feedback with a dynamic range of teachers.

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