Elizabeth Price Wins 2012 Turner Prize

Last night Elizabeth Price won the prestigious Turner Prize for 2012, presented at Tate Britain in London. Congratulations!

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Elizabeth last month. I was working with the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and taking the formal photographs of each recipient of PHF's equally prestigious Awards For Artists prize. The prize has been presented since 1994 and is given to 8 individuals (a mixture of composers and artists). The award is very substantial, with each recipient receiving £50,000 to develop their skill and vision.

Although Awards For Artists receives considerably less media hype and attention than the Turner, it's influence is as strong within the dedicated artsworld. An interesting 'award' comparison can be found over at Culture Critic

Below is my group photograph of all 8 of this year's Awards For Artists prize: from left - composer Lis Rhodes, artist Andy Holden, composer Eliza Carthy, composer Steve Beresford, artist Pavel Büchler, artist Ed Atkins, composer Edmund Finnis and artist Elizabeth Price.