3 Seasons

So far 2013’s work got damn cold in Hol / Norway, it then travelled to a mind numbingly cold & wintery Baffin Island / Nunavut, gradually warmed up during a late spring in Germany and is now back basking in a ‘normal’ British summer. 

Yep, it has been a busy few months meeting and photographing some amazing people and places; from one of the world’s finest living mime artists, Switzerland’s Clown Dimitri through to Jim Wilson, the Canadian Arctic’s snowmobile repair wizard / aficionado / outright maverick.

Stellar musicians & composers have also sat for me under the hot lights and I’ve documented some of the UK’s most progressive educational initiatives. I also co-created a triumphant 5 week art installation programmed as part of this year's prestigious City of London Festival called the Forest of London

It is about time to climb back into the blogging seat and share some of my stories and observations. In the meantime, you can take a look through some fresh galleries I’ve created, displaying new stories and recent commissions.

Oh and I’ve finally joined Twitter...finally.