Introducing Little Tiger

Hallgrim has been busy studying various students and instructors for key signs that will make them compatible with the project. Once he’s selected the candidates, the project then moves to stage 2, whereby Hallgrim will bring Norway's brightest Halling dancers to Wudang and let them develop a dramaturgical story together with the candidates without his direction as choreographer.

Each one of the school’s members are certainly talented and one in particular stands out with his graceful ease, effortless precision and all round great attitude: let me introduce Little Tiger.

Joining the school when he was only 9 years old (now 21yrs), Little Tiger is one of the most skilled instructors under Master Chen Shiyu’s ever watchful guidance. To display some of Little Tiger’s abilities, I’ve put together a few snapshots, including the more practical, mundane stuff; hand washing his clothes and hanging them out to dry.

Little Tiger is commonly seen wearing a range of seriously rock ‘n’ roll jackets.