11 Downing Street

[slideshow] February 8th was fantastic, as I covered a superb reception organised by Serious at 11 Downing Street. The evening was a great success with speeches from the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Jeremy Hunt, Frances Osbourne, Claire Whitaker and Ann Grant, the Chairman of the newly created charity, the Serious Trust.

Aside from the inside of No 11 looking & feeling like something straight out of an episode of the glorious The Thick of It it was great to see a strong selection of my work presented as rolling slideshow presentation. I couldn't help grabbing a few frames prior to the guests' arrival.

As the reception came to a close I decided it would be fun to loiter outside and capture guests leaving in a classic paparazzi/doorstepping style. Take a look at some more over on Serious' Flickr pages.

Oh and thank you Shingai Shoniwa for looking like you were leaving Studio 54 :-)