Is This The World's Largest Ice Double Bass Scroll?

Surely it is, as it weighs in at 40+KG, measures 90cm in length sits on top of a 7 metre high, 4 section Ice Double Bass sitting pride of place centre stage at this year's recent Ice Music Festival. Built over 2 days by a team of ice carvers led by Bill Covitz and Helder Neves, the final piece was 'glued' into place (yes, glued - one uses water & slush combined with mirror smooth contact surface(s) in low temperatures to glue ice) at gone 23hrs on a cold night. 

The range of public streets lights that illuminate the centre of Geilo centre is astonishing, with every conceivable colour programmed in 2 seconds via an iPhone app. I was really drawn to the reds and oranges and the way their rays permeated the ice's structure showing all its beautiful imperfections and stresses.

For tech lovers > I chose to shoot the frame on a Phase One IQ250 with a 'soul seeking' Schneider Kreuznach 80mm Leaf Shutter 2.8mm lens to ensure all the detail, micro contrast and dynamic colour range was captured faithfully. Exposure time was 25 seconds at 100iso in -19.5c. Click the Ice Scroll image to view large...

Unusually, I was sneakily captured taking the frame > thanks Grégoire Orio.