World Environment Day

To celebrate World Environment Day, I thought I'd share a photograph I made whilst surrounded by summer melt raging through the Middalen Glacier in Norway. Shot in August 2016, the glacier is one of the frozen fingers of the larger Hardangerjøkulen ice sheet that begins in the furtherest background of this photograph. Rising over 1,800m - the Hardangerjøkulen is Norway's 6th largest glacier and is located south west of Finse. 

And yes, that seemingly graceful hole in the icy moraine was far from relaxing to observe. The sheer amount of water and particulates gushing out kept one's senses very alive & alert. Moving around on glaciers is not to be taken lightly, as the ground beneath is constantly shifting and swallowing up rock, earth, debris, water and ice, with huge amounts of energy being released. Visually and aurally (read: very loud) rewarding though!


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