Voices for Culture

I am really chuffed to showcase some work I created during summer 2016, called 'Voices for Culture'.

Commissioned by the Royal Opera House Bridge, I was asked to make formal environmental portraits detailing the people working at the heart of the ROH Bridge's 15 partner organisations located in the south east of England. The portraits act as the core narrative heart of the ROH Bridge's Annual Report for 2015 / 2016.

You learn more about the Royal Opera House Bridge's remit, the pictures in the full glory in my new gallery called 'Voices for Culture'. Enjoy. 

I wish to extend my warmest thanks to Cliff Manning for recommending my photographic eye to the ROH Bridge team (Cliff, to think We Teach Music would develop and transform so richly is lovely).

And an huge thank you to Kelly Lean (ROH Bridge Research & Development Manager) for all your logistical / 'corralling skills' and creative support in making this portrait series.