Spooky Happening at the EFG London Jazz Festival...

Day 2 of the EFG London Jazz Festival went really well, with some super moments captured during Abdullah Ibrahim, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Hot Sardines shows. 

In additional to shooting live performances, I capture behind the scenes & backstage narratives, where more often than not one witnesses more intimate artist moments and engagement. One of these times occurred yesterday when a number of TV and documentary camera crews wanted to capture some 'staged' footage of Abdullah and his trio playing during their soundcheck at the Royal Festival Hall

I kinda kicked back in rows 9 & 10 to see if I could get some shots of the various media filming the trio. As the filming was finishing up I was struck by a spotlight reflecting off Abdullah's piano and thought it would anchor a frame with bassist / cellist Noah Jackson nicely - especially with his complimentary 'jazz' hat, bow tie and strings at his feet. I shot it and moved on to my next opportunity. 

Whilst editing the day's images this morning, the shot of Noah Jackson popped up and sure enough, my gut reaction proved correct - a little atmospheric moment. Nothing ground breaking, but sweet none the less. I was running the edit quickly and was reviewing in rapid succession - however, just as I was moving onto the next frame, I noticed something extra under the bright spotlight reflection...

...yep, sure enough a face appeared before me! A face I honestly hadn't noticed when I hit the shutter. Maybe the light was so bright / too contrasty through my viewfinder (the room was very dark) that I didn't notice the face and / or my mind was too centred on framing the key elements within the composition. Who knows. 

Sooo, some spooky Royal Festival Hall luck turned a minor atmospheric moment into something far more interesting.

OR maybe this is the friendly ghost of the EFG London Jazz Festival's rapidly growing #jazzface social media blitz? If you're viewing on a desktop - click the image to view large.