Sonic Ice

2017 has kicked off rather well - working on some interesting projects, noteworthy assignments and photographing the ambitious annual Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway.

Staged between 9th to 12th February, the festival celebrated its 12th year and my 9th year documenting the myriad 'making of process' and magical musical performances. I have described to various journalists that the whole enterprise straddles a fine line between pure art & lunacy :-)

Along with photographing the sub-zero adventures in music, I also create and author the website, manage the international media and co-produce the festival. During the festival I produced many posts for @icemusicgeilo and did a takeover of @visitnorway, so if you'd like to dip in and learn a little more about all things ice + music + deep cold, then check out the Instagram posts detailed in the grid in this post.

Nope, ice is not simply white or transparent but reflects a multitude of colours - for evidence, just observe the hues of green, blue and 'white' in the frozen shot below. The jagged ice is a result of a crew of degree students from the University of Bergen's Faculty of Art & Design, who we invited to collaborate by constructing an amazing ice village, comprising of 2 huge ice domes (each large enough to seat 40+ plus people) that hosted the opening night's Acoustic Ice concerts. Inflating enormous balloons, then spraying water over them in perfect ' freezing' air temperatures of -17ºc t0 -20ºc resulted in incredibly detailed ice formations at the base of each structure...