Some Detective Work

On July 22nd 2015 at 10:30 I was waiting to start shooting various kayak companies who operate along the Numedalslågen River near Dagali in Norway. Amongst the surrounding forest I heard some children playing and seeing a temporary camp of kayaking paraphernalia drying between the trees, I decided to investigate. 

I was warmly welcomed by a French group comprising of 2 couples and two young children. I learnt that 1 couple and their children had been touring for many months right across Europe from Turkey in the east all the way north to Norway seeking out the best rivers to run. The other couple had travelled from France and were visiting for a couple days' kayaking and that was their penultimate day in Norway. 

We all drank some super coffee together and their collective vibe was lovely. I left to carry on with my work but failed to exchange contact details. The gentlemen in the red *Picture* jacket was particularly interested in the equipment I was shooting with and I said I would send him some shots I took of the camp. I also recall him mentioning that he knew a French-Swiss filmmaker who was interested in upgrading to medium format digital too.

If anyone knows the French kayak scene well and thinks they may know who this group are, would you please make contact and if the kayak community could spread the word that would be extremely appreciated. Sorry, I do not have any closer pictures. The Mercedes van had a French registration. 

Lovely morning coffee ☕️😎