Solar Lunar

After showboating a Big Ass Selfie, I thought I'd share a few more photographs from my 10th Ice Music Festival in Norway. Instead of focusing on the extraordinary ice instruments and live performance (of which you can see many of my photographs in this gallery) I have decided to shine the light on some gorgeous hues, tones and textures that were created during the construction of the festival venue. 

Headed up by Professor Peter Bergerud, a team of 14 students from the Faulty, Art & Design at the University of Bergen employed an ingenious construction method to create the Ice Music Festival venue in Finse. They inflated very large balloons (precisley pre-cut and taped together and tested in a warehouse in Bergen) at the chosen venue location, after which they dropped a fine mesh over the balloons. Once in place and tethered, water is sprayed onto the mesh repeatedly until the frozen layers build into a very strong structure - safe enough to house an audience of up to 100 people, audio & lighting equipment and, of course the musicians. Once the freezing process is complete, the balloons are deflated and removed, resulting in the most intricate and organic ice structures, walls and rooms. 

Coupled with the amazingly soft, near shadow free, low lying winter light cast over Finsevatnet, I found capturing the merging of snow, persons and materials subtly surreal, with a resulting painterly effect. Click any image to view large.

As night crept in, guided by a particularly bright moon, I observed the the opposite visual effect - hard light, with deep lunar shadows. Throw in some 3" to 30" exposures and the venue transformed, chameleon-like, into a other worldly zone on the frozen shore of Finsevatnet.