Natural Unnatural Symmetry

During late August 2016, I made a trip to Finse in Norway to contribute fresh photographs to the extraordinary Project Pressure, a charity documenting the effect of climate change on the world’s vanishing glaciers.

Finse is small settlement on the shore of Finsevatnet, that is only accessible by train via the Bergensbanen connecting Bergen and Oslo. The railway climbs through some of the Europe's most spectacular scenery to Finse, sitting at an elevation of 1,222 metres above sea level, making it the highest station on the entire Norwegian railway system.

Due to the mountainous terrain and heavy winter snowfall, (it is worth noting that the winter is so harsh and reliable that Hollywood used Finse as the filming location for ice planet Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back) the railway has many wooden and metal roofed tunnels that look like very long train sheds. The last 'shed tunnel' heading south east out of the village merges into a perfect configuration of triangulated symmetry, where nature's landscape meets man's construction.