Interview With Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music > Yikes!

I have just completed my 7th Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway and it was 'A-list' monster good. 

In addition to having the privilege of photographing the many processes that make ice music so unique, I spent my second year in charge of channelling media interest - with press, radio and film crews flying in from as far afield as the USA, Russia and Canada, along with more local countries such as Germany, Poland, Netherlands, UK, France, Spain and Italy. Combining these roles with creating the Ice Music Festival website, it is a joy to be so involved in this musical alchemy. 

Far from a novelty act, the Ice Music Festival has developed significantly by celebrating its 10th anniversary with many aural textures and musical themes captivating audiences. Accompanying the myriad of ice horns, ice percussion and ambitious ice instruments are layers of vocal harmonies and electronic wizardry with live sampling and remixing. 

The ice music movement continues to attract open minded and curious top flight multi-national musicians & composers, who are drawn to taking on the ice music challenge. Keen to push themselves musically using such a unique material, the musicians really throw themselves into the project and deliver extraordinary performances, eagerly assimilated up by an enthusiastic audience.

With ice music producing such strong musical pedigree, I was personally excited that Mary Anne Hobbs decided to make a 6 day pilgrimage to Geilo from Manchester, England. 

Mary Anne Hobbs is a principal sonic gatekeeper to a lot of the world’s best music and recorded genres and her dedication, fervour and zest to discover and break new music knows no bounds, so her decision to combat the cold and witness the icy proceedings first hand was fantastic. 

Please tune in into Mary Anne’s weekend show on BBC 6 Music this Saturday to hear her thoughts about her latest adventure into sound and also listen to my interview with her discussing the history, vibes and unique attributes that make ice ‘sing’.

Mary Anne > here’s to over confident soft-rock cover pianists, The Shining, moose heads and that wonderful frozen river vista!!