Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic / New Album Cover

Very happy to receive some post from France today.

I'm really pleased to collaborate with Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic's for their latest album cover photograph.

Guillaume Perret and his electric saxophone are inseparable and I wanted this close relationship to seep into my portrait of him. Armed with a simple light set-up (massive umbrella and targeted open beauty dish), I suggested this pose to Guillaume.

I wanted just enough shadow cast onto the very front of his face and under his chin whilst retaining the sax's edge, its rustic greenish tint and the definition of his nose. I was giving some pretty specific direction - literally a couple of millimetres movement to get that balance right - no easy feat, as a sax held in that position gets pretty heavy, especially when one is asked to look as relaxed and peaceful as possible. Thank you again Guillaume :-)

Combined with some fantastic album artwork from Guillaume Saix at WebmyArt™/// (see snippets of artwork below) - be sure to seek the music out.

And if you get a chance to experience Guillaume Perret & The Electric Epic live - go see >> electric & intense, guaranteed.