Awards for Artists 2017

I'm excited to share a new portrait commission featuring the 10 recipients of 2017's prestigious Awards for Artists by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation - awarded to a lovely mix of 5 visual artists and 5 composers, whose names were announced at a reception in November 9th 2017, presented by Jarvis Cocker.

Shot in locations across the length and breadth of the UK earlier this autumn, I met and photographed each recipient in their creative spaces and favourite places. My time spent with each person was fruitful, resulting in a number of successful set-ups and ideas. However for this Journal entry, I've selected just one frame from each session (frankly impossible but worth a go). I'll share more in time. Enjoy..

I want to extend my warmest gratitude to all the artists and composers for their time - your collective work is utterly inspiring! Congratulations Linder Sterling, Serafina Steer, Peter Kennard, John Burton, Mary Hampton, Steven Claydon, Rehana Zaman, Charlotte Prodger, Laurence Crane and Byron Wallen. It was a pleasure meeting and photographing you all :-) 

Updated 5th December - you can now view many more portraits from this series in my gallery 'Creative Forces'.

For more details about Awards for Artists please head over to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's mini site 

Visual Artist Linda Sterling

Visual Artist Peter Kennard

Composer John Burton aka Leaf Cutter John

Composer Mary Hampton

Visual Artist Steven Claydon

Visual Artist Rehana Zaman

Visual Artist Charlotte Prodger

Composer Byron Wallen

Awards for Artists Recipients 2017