10 Years Photographing the EFG London Jazz Festival

On Friday 10th November 2017 I will commence photographing my 10th annual EFG London Jazz Festival and by the festival's close on Sunday 19th, I will have shot over 100 days of extraordinary music over the course of a decade. And 'wow' it has been a thrill to capture of some of finest live jazz *scrubb that* some of the finest live music anywhere in the world.

The festival is also celebrating a special anniversary too, as it is 25 years since its humble beginning in North London and transformation into the capital's largest music festival, trail blazing pretty well all of London's key arts spaces and venues. 

My aim as EFG London Jazz Festival’s official photographer is to try and distill the vibe and very essence of the festival into mini vignettes that convey a sense of the performance spaces and artist intensity. For me, its not just capturing the artist on stage but to also envelop that artist in their live environment and audience engagement - whether performed in a sell out 2000+ people show or hunkered down in an intimate experimental zone with 100 dedicated listeners. 

Embracing the richness of colour, variety of stage backdrops and instrument types has allowed me to capture countless artistic high points in large scale productions at the Barbican and the Royal Festival Hall through to late night jams at Ronnie Scott's and masterclass workshops across the city. I've also had the pleasure of meeting some of the true titans of jazz from Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman and Wayne Shorter to many of the new masters of the modern era including the likes of Shabaka Hutchings and Robert Glasper.

I have logged a number of Journal posts over the years detailing different aspects of the festival and my approach to photographing it. If you would like to read them, check out these 8 entires to start *Kaleidoscope of Jazz* + *Think 'Jazz' >> Think Again...* + *Spooky Happening at the EFG London Jazz Festival* + *EFG London Jazz Festival 2014* + *EFG London Jazz Festival 2013 In Colour!* + *Jazz Voice* & *#thisismyjazz* Enjoy!

Emile Holba

If you would like to view larger versions of the images grouped in this post, then head over to my dedicated EFG London Jazz Festival galley. 

I shall be darting all over 2017's festival, so if you see me - please come and say hello! Look for the hair (minus the horns!).