Creative Forces features 10 recipients of 2017's prestigious Awards for Artists. Awarded to 5 visual artists and 5 composers whose names were announced at a reception by Jarvis Cocker. I met and photographed each recipient in their creative spaces and favourite places.

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation set up the Awards for Artists scheme in 1993 to provide visual artists and composers with financial assistance at a timely moment in their careers. The awards aim to give artists the freedom to develop their creative ideas and to grow both personally and professionally, reflecting the Foundation’s strong belief in the value of artists to society. The unique scheme has benefited more than 150 artists with awards totalling over £6m, with each award currently valued at £60,000.

I want to extend my warmest gratitude to all the artists and composers for their time - your collective work is utterly inspiring. Congratulations Linder Sterling, Serafina Steer, Peter Kennard, John Burton, Mary Hampton, Steven Claydon, Rehana Zaman, Charlotte Prodger, Laurence Crane and Byron Wallen.

Series is shot on a Phase One IQ250, 80mm & 55mm LS lenses and Profoto lighting & modifiers. Browse the photographs here.