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Selected published work & clients: Financial Times, GEO Magazin, The Guardian, Aftenposten K Magazine, CNN International, The Australian Newspaper, BBC Radio & BBC Online, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Serious, Die Zeit, Financial Times Magazine, Discover Magazine, Die Tageszeitung, Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Arkitektur N Magazine, Institute of Education, Exberliner Magazine, World Wildlife Fund, EBS South Korea, Panos Pictures, The Africa Channel, Berliner Philharmoniker, Greenpeace Nordic, Golf Foundation, 360º Magazine, London Contemporary Dance School, Frikar, Lonely Planet Magazine, Visit Geilo, BBC Concert Orchestra, Global Lives Project, ABC News America, The Daily Telegraph, Gramophone Magazine, The Place, Cutty Sark Trust, Huffington Post, ISM, Musical Futures, The New York Times and Huck Magazine.

Other photographic activities include my role as the official photographer, media manager and website author for the annual Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway. I'm also a creative partner in a long term collaborative project co-founded with sound artist Gawain Hewitt. We explore a fictional Thames Valley that has never been colonised and where the native woodland of this corner of the British Isles remains undisturbed. Please take a look at Forest of London. 

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Photo taken by Gawain Hewitt
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